Hear From Our Students

Hear from some of our students on what they have to say about JC Economics Tuition Centre! For more testimonials, please visit this page.

“Out of all my tuitions I had in JC, Mr Fok’s lessons are definitely the most enriching yet memorable. Clear and concise explanations, a multitude of notes from different topics and even intriguing life lessons are just some of the things you can expect to get when you join his tuition. Furthermore, Mr Fok provided additional support by marking extra practice papers that I did, reviewing and giving me feedback after my exams as well as actively answering my queries that I posed to him on WhatsApp. While lesson time may be short-lived, indubitably you will learn more things than you had anticipated.”
Marcus Yeo
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“Mr Fok has always believed in his students, and is always ready to help whenever we have any queries. Through these 2 years, he showed me that Economics isn't just any random subject. In fact, it can also be fun too!! Thanks cher, I won't let you down:)”
Shuan Lim
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Lessons are really fun, interesting and very beneficial in life and in economics. At first, when learning content, it was simplified such that it was very easy to understand, grasp and learn new concepts. Economic rigor and analysis then further improved and reinforced our essays and answers for economics questions which really helped for exams. Many resources and help were made readily available on and off lessons which was very conducive for our learning”
Louis Lee
Eunoia Junior College
“Mr Fok is a dedicated and amazing tutor that never fails to capture the attention of everyone in class with his different life stories and lessons. He is very good at explaining concepts that hard hard to grasp. I’ve been consistently achieving good results for economics throughout my two years in school, even getting the highest in my cohort for prelims after changing from H1 to H2 at the start of J2. All these wouldn’t have been possible without him.”
Phuah Zheng Ting
Catholic Junior College
“Mr Fok has no doubt been one of the best tutors I have ever had! His fast-paced lecture style lessons covers extensively on every topic and includes detailed points to be used to get that A grade answer. Not only is he excellent at teaching economics, he would also recount stories about his past students and valuable life lessons in order to encourage us not to give up and equip us with the relevant skills needed to tackle the future and help us make better decisions! His infectious laughter and engaging lessons makes going to tuition enjoyable even the 3 hour ones!”
Emma Lee
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok makes his lessons very enjoyable through his sharing of many interesting and funny life stories. I have learnt a lot from these stories which I find are very applicable to my future life. I also personally like his teaching style as he usually teaches verbally (with notes on the side) as well as repeats important points such that I am able to take down notes quite easily without missing anything. Even though I joined his lessons quite late, I was still able to catch up as he does recaps on topics which make it easier to revise for exams. He also gives out tons of notes which make it helpful for self revision. In addition, Mr Fok is also very personable and down to earth which makes him very approachable. Even after lessons end, I am able to ask him any question and will receive prompt replies from him. All in all I find his lessons to be very helpful as well as engaging!”
Goh Si Ying
Nanyang Junior College
“When I came to JC, I was in fear that I would not do well in a subject that is unfamiliar to me. To my expectations I did extremely badly and was recommended to Mr Fok’s tuition by my brother. I thought it would be boring, but Mr Fok’s entertaining nature made me really enjoy learning economics! I felt encouraged to work hard and eventually I started to improve and even topped my class! The stories that he would tell really made me feel encouraged that I would succeed in life as well. I highly encourage anyone struggling in economics to take his classes and you will definitely learn more than just economics!”
Harpreet Kaur
Catholic Junior College
“The lessons are engaging and the stories you tell never fails to crack me up. The pace of the lessons are good too, and the notes you provided and the ones we copied down are easy to comprehend and memorise. I would recommend it to my juniors.”
Niu Runzi
Tampines Meridian Junior College
“Even though i didn't join since J1, i feel like I have learnt more during the classes and able to understand the contents so much easier. I am able to consult Mr Fok about anything we want, be it prelim paper or any question we are unsure of.”
Jing Wen
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“Mr Fok is an economics tutor who makes this subject a whole lot more interesting. Through the stories he shares and the bits of humour which he infuses into his lessons, the content we need to understand and remember is made much more manageable. Mr Fok is an extremely approachable and reach-able tutor who is constantly available to answer our queries regarding the subject, through online channels or immediately after lessons. He readily shares lesson resources with us as well! For instance, should we miss any lessons, he would send us recorded videos of the lessons which we have missed. My gain in interest in Economics through his lessons have aided in me better understanding this subject and thus performing better in it than before.”
Hwa Chong Institution
“As a private candidate taking A Levels for the first time, econs was very challenging for me. Mr Fok is able to explain concepts and topics in a manner that even I can clearly follow and understand and he also takes the time and effort to help struggling students outside of class through whatsapp. All in all, Mr Fok is a very experienced and dedicated teacher whose interesting lessons have greatly boosted my confidence in tackling econs.”
Julian Seng
“He is very effective and capable. Managed to turn my grade around from U to a D in JC1 and from a D to a B in JC2. Highly recommended for those struggling in econs, especially since it is a new subject”
William Ho
St. Andrew's Junior College
“When I first joined, my grades were horrible. I hated economics due to the fact that there is a need to apply concepts to fit the question and not just relying purely on the concepts. But ever since i joined, my impression of economics changed and i could see drastic improvements in my grades. The lessons and notes were easy to understand and made answering questions easier for me. I have learnt a lot from the lessons and I am thankful for the guidance Mr Fok has given me which helped greatly.”
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Mr Fok’s Economics lessons have been extremely useful for me in helping me to gear up for the A Level exams. The lessons are well planned and executed while ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary content and answering techniques for answering A level qns. Mr Fok has a unique and effective delivery style of repeating important key concepts during lessons (more than once mind you to ensure no one is left behind! :))which aids greatly in subconsciously ingraining key ideas in your memory, effectively cutting your own study time outside tuition short! Besides attending tuition to simply learn economics, i have come to truly love and appreciate the subject especially after seeing theories and ideas taught in class being applied to real world events. Intentionally sprinkling his lessons with hilarious and eye-opening stories (completely real!) from his own personal life, students take away far more than simply econs concepts from his lessons :D. I would highly recommend joining Mr Fok‚Äôs class regardless of your current standing in the subject as im fully certain that you can strengthen your skillsets even further! Thank you so so much Mr Fok for guiding me thus far and making econs fun :D!”
Catholic Junior College
“Mr Fok is really friendly and very efficient. He can go through a lot of content in a very short period of time. Although I have not been in his tuition class for very long, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at tuition learning under his guidance. He is relatable and funny. He is also very chill despite teaching a very content heavy subject which makes learning less stressful for us. Thank you very much Mr Fok!”
Marsha Shahrin
Raffles Institution